About Us

Toyfriend is a Swedish vibrator brand created by the design company Tickler.

Toyfriend was created in 2010 by a group of people who felt it was time to add something new to themselves and the world. Coming from a range of different backgrounds we decided to pool our different professional backgrounds and let loose our creativity and all the fun we had bottled up inside. As our backgrounds included creating the finest sex-toys in the world it was natural for us to start with vibrators. After all, vibrators create lots of fun!

Our mission is to create contemporary vibrators free from stereotypes and clichés. In other words, you will not see a black and white” dildo against cheek” Toyfriend image with roses. Neither will we use the high price, exclusive vibrator alibi. Instead we are totally committed to creating highest quality products with stellar design using the best materials – and this at a price that makes them accessible to all. Our goal is that everyone should be able to find their perfect Toyfriend.

We are based in Stockholm and have our own production in Shanghai, but there are Toyfriends all around the world. The companionship of a good Toyfriend is not restricted to any country, race or gender – a good Toyfriend always puts a smile on your face. So please get a Toyfriend (or “date” as we like to call it), or come to a Toyfriend party to get to know them, because one thing is certain: “You never forget your first Toyfriend”.

Then it is up to you to decide when the time is right to introduce your new Toyfriend to your friends and family.

To keep up to date with the Toyfriends you are more than welcome to join the Toyfriend community on Facebook.